Why Low-Stress Cattle Handling?

Have you ever had major anxiety before working cattle?  I am talking can't sleep, stomach hurts, mind is racing kind of anxiety?  Well, I have.  Before learning about low-stress cattle handling, it was an ordeal to work cattle.  I usually worked cattle with my dad and husband and there were times where they dreaded it … Continue reading Why Low-Stress Cattle Handling?



Where did July go?  I cannot believe it is already the first of August!  August makes me so happy because it is my birthday month and a transition month for work AND...we are closer to the fall season!  Fall season=calves, cooler weather, more grass, you get the idea! I wanted to start out and give … Continue reading Progress


We have been so busy on the farm lately!  This is the time of year when calves are weaned and sold, cattle are grazing, cows are pregnancy checked, and so so much more.  This past weekend we gave the calves a second round of vaccinations (to boost their immune response), checked their weight (to see … Continue reading #farmlife