Why Blog?

Why have I wanted to start my own farm blog for quite some time now?  It is because…

  • The average person is three generations removed from the farm.
  • Farmers make up less than 2% of the population.
  • I want to educate people about agriculture.

Each year, I educate 800 4th graders about beef cattle at a farm to table event.

Each year, I spend a lot of my time educating the public about agriculture.  Whether it is a work-related event or when I am shopping at Walmart.  I try to take the time to explain farming practices- what do we do on the farm?  I talk about livestock and food.  I also help answer the tough questions people may have about farming such as GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, etc.


Summer annuals planted for grazing beef cattle.

I hope to answer some questions you may have about agriculture through this blog.  I plan to blog about daily farming practices as well as focus on different discussion topics.


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