4-H and FFA Made Me

Where have I been for the past couple of days?  I can tell ya…I have been in a barn helping run a 4-H and FFA livestock show for over 100 KIDS!!!  I grew up showing dairy cattle in 4-H and I can tell you one thing, 4-H made me.  I also competed in various FFA contests such as livestock and dairy judging where FFA shaped me.  I am a product of both of these AMAZING organizations.  The skills you learn with animal projects and showing is UNREAL.  You feed and care for your animal all the way through…and let me tell you it is hard work!


As I reflect on my 4-H and FFA career, I cannot help but think about how thankful I am.  I am the person I am today because of 4-H and FFA.  I worked at least 24 hours over the past two days and for what?  For EACH and every kid.  These kids are our future and someone has to invest in them.  The parents, grandparents, volunteers, agents, advisors, sponsors, and many others play such a vital role in the lives of these young people.


My 4-H club leader is still heavily involved in Alamance County 4-H and she was there at the show doing her thing which is volunteering!!  She has been a volunteer for a LONG time and I have a deeper appreciation for what she does now that I am on the other side of 4-H.  I appreciate her and all the volunteers that make the show run so smooth.


I am especially proud of all my Alamance County 4-H’ers.  I see these kids day in and day out working with their animals and dedicating so much time to their animal projects and other 4-H activities.  They are family to me and it makes me so proud to watch them show, grow, and SUCCEED!

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