Baby Payton Arrives!

A lot of excitement has been surrounding the newest arrival, Payton Elizabeth Langley, born on March 22, 2017.  Payton is Ryan and Lauren’s first child and Jimmy’s (Lauren’s Dad and owner of 3B Cattle Co.) first grandchild.  Payton had everyone waiting on her being 9 days overdue, but she was well worth the wait!  She is now almost 6 weeks old and enjoys her farm visits every week!  She has met the horses and will soon be my sidekick feeding cows!  Here are a few photos of Payton:

The farm has been quite busy too with the arrival of spring and green grass!  Spring means working calves, finishing winter feeding, preparing pastures for grazing, starting fly control, weaning calves, pregnancy checking cows, and selling calves!  It is a fun and exciting time for sure!  So far, we have worked calves (vaccinating, deworming, and weighing), started fly control, and have cattle on rotational grazing.  We plan on finishing the calf work this Friday.  We have weaned some calves but need to finish and also sell a few steers and cull heifers.  Cows will be pregnancy checked later this month!  We have eight cows and three heifers to be checked.  If all goes well we will have four purebred hereford calves born this fall (calves will be available for sale)!  Here are a few recent photos from around the farm:

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Spring isn’t all about farm work, we like to play softball too!  Ryan and I have been playing co-ed softball for the City of Burlington for YEARS!  I even played fastpitch softball when I was younger and dad coached.  This year, we needed a sponsor and dad decided that the farm would sponsor the team!  We play on Friday nights at City Park in Burlington, you can see the schedule on their website if you ever want to come out and watch.  Here is the t-shirt design I came up with:


Hopefully, your spring is off to a great start too!  I know we are beyond blessed with baby Payton’s safe arrival, rain to make the grass grow, and healthy cattle!  🙂

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