We hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!  We are thankful for those that serve or have served our country so we can do what we love!

May for us means pregnancy checking.  Yesterday, we had our veterinarian come out and palpate eight brood cows and three heifers to check for pregnancy status.  All of our females were pregnant (always exciting and what we strive for) so we will be expecting eleven calves in the fall!  Out of the eleven, we are expecting four purebred Hereford calves for the very first time!  The rest of the calf crop will be Black Angus/Hereford crosses.



Pregnancy checking is very important and done annually on our farm since we have one calving season.  It is crucial to know which females are pregnant and how far along they are.  This helps when it comes time to make culling decisions.  If a cow or heifer is open, they are culled right away.  If she was bred late, we take that into consideration and may decide to cull if she does not fit in with our desired calving season.  When a cow or heifer calves late into a calving season, it is hard to get her “caught up” with the rest of the herd.  She will always be late after that and therefore her calf will be smaller than the rest of the calves.


We like to calve September-October and consider November-December late in our herd.  Most years, we are done calving within 30 days.  Our bull is always left in at least 90 days (December-March).  We like fall calving here in NC because of the weather and feeder calf market.

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