Goodbye 2017!

This year has been exciting and full of firsts for us!  Payton was born in March and she is the first grandchild born on Lauren’s side of the family (and the 8th born on Ryan’s side).  HelenAnn also moved back home from Missouri!  It has been exciting to have her back in NC (she had been in MO for 5 yrs.) for a year now!  She graduated from Missouri Valley College in 2015 and then upon graduation worked for Missouri Valley as a recruiter and later in marketing.  She is now  the Marketing Director for Grinz Orthodontics.  This year was also the first time we have calved 11 cows, I think the most before that was 8 or 9.  Our first purebred Hereford calves arrived in the fall from our Hereford bull that we purchased last year.   We also hope to move the herd onto new pasture ground next week!  We have had an incredible year and are very blessed to be able to farm with family!  From everyone here at 3B Cattle Company, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2017 Calf Crop Photos

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