Wrapping Up Winter


It is almost April and we just received snow just a few days ago.  I think everyone is ready for winter to be over and spring to really arrive.  The pastures are coming in really well and will grow more once the temperatures can remain warm.  The cows have spent the winter on the “new” side of the farm.  We have been working to clear this land for pasture use for YEARS.  We are still in the process of clearing it and getting it ready for seed but the cows spent the winter on it which is exciting.  They have really enjoyed exploring the new pasture.  Here very soon we will move the cow herd back over to the other side of the farm to start rotational grazing and so we can prepare calves for weaning time!





In order to prepare the calves for weaning, we will give them vaccinations (respiratory and blackleg), dewormer, and some will get additional ID (tattoos for the registered calves).  Calves will then be weaned for at least 30 days on the farm prior to being sold.  Heifers are sold off of the farm and steers are sent to the weekly market (we do always keep one for freezer beef though).  Everything should be wrapped up by the end of May!  Then, we will have the cow herd pregnancy checked and any cull cows will be sent to the weekly market!  Bring on the grazing and warmer days!

We also added a new addition over the winter!  Meet Dory, the cutest blue heeler puppy ever!  Dad said he wasn’t getting another farm dog…and then he came home with this sweet girl.  We just love her and she is fitting in so well.

My not so little baby, Payton turned ONE last week!  Time really does fly by when you have a child.  She has such a big personality and loves to move (she is almost walking), eat, talk, play with toys, nap, and go on adventures (especially the farm).  She has eight teeth and loves to eat BEEF!  For her one year old photos, we just had to find a cute baby calf to sit her beside.


Photo Credit: Mossy Ledge Photography

At work, I am busy making pasture visits, hosting trainings for producers, and catching up on office work!  If you ever want to know what is going on just follow our website: https://alamance.ces.ncsu.edu/ or our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AlamanceNCCES for upcoming events, information, and more!  There is always something going on and I try to enjoy every minute of it. 🙂



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