May is National Beef Month!


May is National (and North Carolina) Beef Month!  How are you going to be celebrating?  I know for my family we are going to eat beef and lots of it!  Now that the weather is warm we are firing up the grill each week with hamburgers and steak.  I still love a good slow cooker recipe that involves roast or beef stew too!  What is your favorite cut of beef?  I really enjoy a tender ribeye or filet mignon.  Did you know most of your favorite steak cuts come from the loin primal area on a cow?  Check out the photo above for a reference to the primal cut areas.

In April, I toured around the county attending community agriculture events where I talked about NC Beef, raising livestock, and NC Cooperative Extension.  The NC Cattlemen’s Association has a giant puzzle that people can put together to teach them about the primal cuts.  The puzzle is a big hit with kids!


I really enjoy educating the public about beef and livestock in general.  I get a lot of questions about beef cuts and how to cook them, how cattle are raised, and the different options available in the grocery store (organic, all natural, etc.).  Check out this infographic on the beef lifecycle:

Lifecycle 2018_One Page FINAL

Do you have any questions about how your beef is raised?  What do you look for in the grocery store when it comes to purchasing beef?  It is how it was raised, cost, marbling, appearance, etc.?  Leave me a comment below!

Interesting in trying new beef recipes?  Check out the links below to area bloggers that were challenged with visiting beef producers at a local farmers’ market, writing a producer profile, and creating a recipe from their beef (compliments of NCDA&CS).

Happy Beef Month Y’all!

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