We have been so busy on the farm lately!  This is the time of year when calves are weaned and sold, cattle are grazing, cows are pregnancy checked, and so so much more.  This past weekend we gave the calves a second round of vaccinations (to boost their immune response), checked their weight (to see how much weight they have gained), dewormed them for internal parasites, and tattooed the registered Hereford calves (required by the breed association).  It was a busy Saturday morning!  Here are a few photos from what I call #farmlife

Step 1: Catch the calves (with feed of course)!


Step 2: Get all your supplies ready!  I have a tackle box that I keep needles, syringes, ear tagging equipment, and more in.  I use the cooler for vaccines.  The laundry detergent bottle is my “sharps container” for used needles.  The dewormer and tattoo supplies are also out and ready to go.  Notice my pen and paper…you need that to record ear tag numbers and weights (or you could use your phone)!  Also, we have our scale monitor attached and ready to read weights.


Step 3: Process calves!  We gave two vaccinations, recorded weight, dewormed with an oral dewormer (in the mouth), and tattooed a select few.

Raising healthy calves is our number one priority!  We want them to go on to their next home and be productive whether they are replacement heifers or steers that will end up on your dinner plate.  Ensuring a quality, safe, and wholesome beef product is our goal as beef cattle producers! #beefmonth #beefqualityassurance #beefitswhatsfordinner

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