The BEST Farm Dog Ever.

The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster for our family.  Just when you think you can handle the hard truth about owning animals, you realize you can’t because they are family and it is just hard when they get old.  Our farm dog and sweetest family member Tipper is 15+ years old and has been around for half of my life.  She is a Border Collie and was the runt of the litter.  From day one we knew she was going to be the BEST dog ever for us and our farm.  She is quiet, patient, and always with you.  She once herded a group of goats back to their pen on her own when they escaped.  She would let us know if the horses got out of the pasture.  She is just handy and so loyal to us.  A few days ago, she went missing.  She had been having a rough time lately and really just kept to herself at the barn or under the deck at the house.  When we couldn’t find her after a few days we just accepted the fact that she had passed away and that was a hard reality to face, especially because I didn’t get to say goodbye to the best dog I have ever known.


Then something totally unexpected happened.  God answered my prayers and she showed up!  Dad found her under the livestock trailer but couldn’t convince her to come out.  We finally got her out from underneath the trailer to examine her and noticed she was unbalanced, head tilted, and just off from her normal.  We had a veterinarian come out and check her over and she thinks it is just an inner ear problem and with medication should get to feeling better soon!  I have never been so relieved- she means so much to us and I just knew it wasn’t her time to go just yet.  I know she cannot live forever but I just want to be able to tell her goodbye when the time comes and know it is truly her time.


Dogs are a huge part of our family, between all of us we have five.  They are each different in their own way and I just cannot imagine life without them even when they drive us all crazy!  For now, my tears have dried up and I am thankful for another day with our sweet Tipper.  Hug your dog today and don’t take them for granted, you never know when something could happen.

Edited to add- Here are a few more photos of Tipper I found, back in her younger days!  Younger days for dad and HelenAnn too :-)!



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