Where did July go?  I cannot believe it is already the first of August!  August makes me so happy because it is my birthday month and a transition month for work AND…we are closer to the fall season!  Fall season=calves, cooler weather, more grass, you get the idea!

I wanted to start out and give everyone an update on Tipper.  She is our older farm dog that was the focal point of my last blog post.  I am so happy to report that she has made a full recovery from what we think was an inner ear issue.  She was on meds for a little while and can now walk straight, her head is no longer tilted, and her balance seems restored.  We kept her up for a while to give her a sense of security while we watched her closely.  Once she seemed better we let her back out on the farm and she has been getting better every day!  She is now back to her old routine and greets you with a tail wag!



On the cow front, everyone is doing well.  The farm has been receiving some much needed rain which has helped bring our pastures back out.  Things were a little crispy around here!  The cow herd was pregnancy checked back in May and everyone is due in September and October.  We are expecting 4 Hereford calves and 8 crossbred calves (Hereford x Angus).  In September we will also be sending a steer off for processing so we can fill our freezers back up with beef!  Our young steer for next year is coming along nicely, I am excited to watch him grow.


Cow herd grazing, July 2018


Our market steer (DOB fall 2016) that will be processed in September for beef.

From everyone here at 3B Cattle Company, we hope you are having a great summer!  Stay tuned for more farm updates to come!

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