Beef Education


Did you know that the average American is at least three generations removed from the farm?  With such a disconnect between farmers and consumers, it is important that we (farmers, educators, industry) educate the public about how our food is grown and raised.  Not only do I teach producers how to raise livestock through my job as a Livestock Extension Agent but I also attend community events and educate the public about how their food is raised.  There is so much confusion in the marketplace that did not exist 10+ years ago.  Do I buy organic, grass-fed, grain-fed, all-natural, antibiotic free, or hormone free meat?  Is conventionally raised meat okay to buy?  It would take an expert to wade their way through all of the label claims that are seen in today’s meat case.  That is where I come into play.


I mainly focus on how beef cattle are raised and beef information at community events but I also talk about how other livestock species are raised as well.  The North Carolina Cattlemen’s Association and the Beef Checkoff help support this type of effort with handouts, interactive activities (beef puzzle), and a tent.  I help answer the tough questions such as label claims, antibiotic and hormone use in beef cattle, and more.   I also provide the public with information about beef cuts and how to cook those cuts as well as recipes.  For the kids, I talk about beef products, primal cuts of beef, and how beef cattle are raised.  They receive a coloring sheet and a “I love beef” sticker!



If you would like to learn more about how beef cattle are raised make sure you browse my other blog posts but also visit .  You will find a lot of helpful information and delicious recipes!

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