Grilling Made Easy

Grilling may seem a bit daunting to a beginner and it really shouldn’t be!  I fell into the “too scared to grill” category not that long ago (like a few months ago).  In fact, I was downright afraid of the entire process but what really got me was the open flame.  I finally decided that I was going to make an effort to learn how to grill and I am slowly becoming comfortable with it!

steaks on the grill

Grilling Necessities 

Gas or charcoal?  I prefer gas because there is no set-up involved, easy to clean, and the overall process is usually shorter in time (just make sure your propane tank is full).  This is all personal preference!  Choose one and you are halfway there to grilling perfection.  Next, you will need a good set of tongs and a spatula.  Use tongs to turn steaks and roasts and a spatula to turn ground beef patties (you will thank me later).

Easy to Follow Grilling Steps

1- Prepare!  Make sure you have selected the beef cut you want to grill and it has been properly thawed in the refrigerator.  Do not allow beef to warm to room temperature for grilling.  This poses a food safety concern!  Always take beef from chill to grill!  Now is the time to season your beef cuts before hitting the grill.

2- Fire up the grill!  Always start with a clean grill and use a no-stick grill spray to prevent sticking.  I personally like the Weber Grill ‘N Spray.  It is always a good idea to clean and spray your grill before lighting it.  The grill should be on a medium-high heat to begin with to get it good and hot!


meat thermometer

Photo Credit: Amazon

3- Time to grill!  Place your beef cut on the grill and let it work its magic!  You will need an instant-read meat thermometer to determine doneness.  For steaks and roasts, you want to reach a minimum internal temperature of 145°F and for ground beef a minimum of 160°F.  Avoid overturning your beef cut on the grill, one time usually does the trick!  You may also need to turn down your grill if it starts to burn your beef cut.

4- It’s Done!  After you have taken your beef cut off of the grill, allow it to rest for about five minutes.  This allows the cut to absorb all of the juices, finishing cooking, and provide a more flavorful eating experience.

5- Top it off!  If you just finished grilling burgers, don’t forget to top it off with your favorites!  The sky is the limit with hamburger toppings so go crazy!  I usually keep it simple with a slide of sharp cheddar and mayonnaise on the bun.  For steak, consider adding butter or a creamy sauce as a topping.

Best Beef Cuts for Grilling

Stick with ground beef and popular steak cuts for grilling until you get the hang of it.  I really enjoy grilling ground beef patties and ribeye steaks.  You can also grill certain roasts too.  For a list of the best beef cuts for grilling click here.

Additional Tips

  • Do not salt beef before grilling.  Salting will draw out moisture and restricts flavor.
  • Do not press down on the ground beef patty, or flavorful juices will be lost, resulting in a dry burger.
  • Avoid using a fork to turn beef cuts on the grill, you will lose flavorful juices.
  • High heat can overcook or char the outside of the beef cut while the interior remains undercooked.

Once you get comfortable grilling, consider adding veggies to the grill!  My family really enjoys grilled corn and I am sure yours will too.

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