New! Educational YouTube Videos


I have recently started producing educational videos for my job as a Livestock Extension Agent with N.C. Cooperative Extension.  These short videos range from how to take a hay sample to Beef Quality Assurance topics.  If you want a new channel to follow that not only includes livestock-related content but horticulture, foods/nutrition/cooking, 4-H, and field crops be sure to check out my work channel here and subscribe!

Here are the videos I have published so far:

How To Do Fecal Egg Counting

How To Take A Hay Sample

How To Get Started With Rotational Grazing

Beef Quality Assurance Tips: Giving Injections

Beef Quality Assurance Tips: The Bud Box

You will also find recorded webinars on our YouTube channel as well!  I am currently doing a Livestock Webinar Series and am part of our Piedmont Regional Goat & Sheep Conference Webinar Series.

This is a great time to learn something new and from the comfort of your home!  Stay well friends!


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