All Beef Sales Support Farms

When you buy beef you are supporting all beef cattle farms. End of story. However, it is always pushed to only buy local or directly from farms as the only way to support beef cattle producers. That is absolutely great if you can buy local, I am all for it but not everyone has access to local beef or can afford it. What is more important is that we have choices here in the United States and if you can support a farm directly that is awesome but if you cannot that is okay too.

Did you know that most beef cattle farms do not sell directly to consumers? That’s right, most calves are sold at weaning where they travel through different segments to end in the commercial beef supply. That beef supply is supported by family-owned beef cattle farms just like ours. Almost 96% of farms are family-owned in the United States (USDA).

Even though our family raises a steer each year for our own consumption doesn’t mean we do not buy beef from our local grocery store, butcher shop, and restaurants. You can trust that our beef supply here in the United States is wholesome, safe, and nutritious whether it is bought directly from a farm or through your favorite restaurant.

Next time you feel like your are not supporting beef cattle farms when you buy beef from the grocery store or bite into a burger at your favorite lunch spot please know that you are supporting family-owned beef cattle farms just like ours.

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