Big Dreams Start with Small Steps

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and 2020 was no exception. Despite this being the craziest year ever that included a pandemic raising livestock must go on. We took our normal steps this year but added a few more this fall that will help us work toward our beef cattle dreams. We decided … Continue reading Big Dreams Start with Small Steps

We Love Crabgrass

You might be thinking, has she lost her mind? I have indeed not lost my mind but have found the incredible value that crabgrass has to offer our farm. But first, a little history on crabgrass. In 1988, the first improved variety of forage crabgrass was released, better known as ‘Red River’ crabgrass. ‘Red River’ … Continue reading We Love Crabgrass

New! Educational YouTube Videos

I have recently started producing educational videos for my job as a Livestock Extension Agent with N.C. Cooperative Extension.  These short videos range from how to take a hay sample to Beef Quality Assurance topics.  If you want a new channel to follow that not only includes livestock-related content but horticulture, foods/nutrition/cooking, 4-H, and field … Continue reading New! Educational YouTube Videos

Why Cows Are Sustainable After All

It seems like every week a new restaurant chain, celebrity, or company has decided to announce some big change about animal agriculture (meat, dairy, etc.).  Earlier this month, the Golden Globes decided to go meatless due to their concerns about climate change.  More recently, Starbucks announced that they want to be more environmentally sustainable and … Continue reading Why Cows Are Sustainable After All